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Send us your ideas for cases we should cover on the show. We love your input!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?  Find Answers Here.
How will I know if my case suggestion is picked?

We appreciate all suggestions, and we will do our best to personally reach out and thank you for your submission. If your case is picked, we will definately let you know via email and will give you a shout-out on the show! If your case is not picked we will do our best to follow up with you, and we hope you will submit another case in its place.

If my case is picked, how long until the episode is live?

There is no 100% answer to this as sometimes we have a list of episodes we are committed to in a certain order.  That being said... we will definitely email you with a date once we know.

Do you only accept case suggestions in the USA?

No.  While most of the cases we have covered until now have been in the USA, we will do any case that sounds cool!

In the case of suggestions outside of the USA, alcohol suggestions are greatly appreciated. If you have a suggestion, please limit them to alcohol we can hopefully purchase here.