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We love that you came to give your ideas!

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Thanks for coming here to suggest your merch ideas! If you haven't already, you should check out the merch we currently have available. If you didn't make a suggestion and you don't see something you would love, please come back here and let us know about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?  Find Answers Here.
How will I know if my idea is picked?

Whether we are able to make your merch idea a reality or not, we will reach out to let you know and to thank you for your feedback. We appreciate all of our listeners! Especially the ones that we get to know and interact with us!

If my idea is picked, how long until it is available in the store?

The time can vary. If you submit a design as a file then it may be very quick. If your submission is in writing and we need to do graphic design to create it, then it can take a little longer.

If my idea is made into merch, will I get a discount to purchase it?

If your design becomes merch in our shop, we will send you a free shirt! We will also try to send you a discount code (but we will have to figure out how to do that).